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Sunday, 28 September 2014

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My Experience in Firefox Student Ambassador Program

Hi! I am Vikash Kumar, a mozillian and now a "Firefox Student Ambassador". I got to know about the Firefox Student Ambassador program few months ago and got registered for it. Recently When the complete program was restructured as the first four activities of  the FSA (Firefox Student Ambassadors), I started collecting information about the program and started with the first activity.

These are first four activities of FSA program.
  • Part 1:
 Learn About Mozilla
  • Part 2:
 Join Us Online
Join the Official Firefox Student Ambassador GroupHere you'll be able to meet other Ambassadors, ask questions, and get help on anything from joining the program to setting up events.
Like the Firefox Student Ambassador pageGet big updates on what's going on with the FSA Program, Firefox, Firefox OS, and Mozilla.
Follow us on Twitter @MozStudentsWe are always sharing exciting updates from FSAs. #FirefoxStudents and you may be retweeted!
  • Part 4: 

After these activities, I made myself social by liking the facebook page of Firefox Student Ambassadors , following FSA on Twitter @mozstudents and the Google+ Community.

I posted on Facebook and twitter about the mozilla FSA program and have interacted with the FSA's of Other Cities and talked about what activities are exactly going on in their Firefox Club.
After  these five activities I claimed for an open badge and then got a cool open badge for FSA
When I checked the FSA Directory for a Firefox Club, There was already a Firefox Club  registered with a name called "Firefox Club @MITCOE". Then I joined in that club as a member.

Firefox Student Ambassador Badge
Thanks TJ for awarding me with such an awesome badge. Completed my next activity too . Thanks Mozilla 

Vikash Kumar
Firefox Student Ambassador
And Mozillian
Pune, India
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Saturday, 21 June 2014

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All information about ipage Web Hosting.

Introduction To iPage and ipage Features.

iPage Introduction

iPage is a web hosting firm that specializes in shared hosting plans. iPage prides itself on being flexible and easy to use web hosting provider. They offer a variety of freebies and bonuses on sign-up, and an uncommon Anytime money back guarantee. Each of these appear to be their professional area, along with shared web hosting.

Initially established by Thomas Gorny, iPage is now owned by the Endurance International Group: the same business that own FatCow, BlueHost and other well known web hosting providers. They state on their site that they purchase (RECs) Renewable Energy Credits  to counterbalance their carbon emissions.

They are US based but have customers in 150 nations and have six workplaces around the world .The firm have been offering website hosting since 1998, and they presently have one and a half million domains on their books with more than a million web sites hosted on their servers.

iPage Hosting Plans

The web hosting services provided by iPage are relatively straightforward. It is not simple to find information though.

The most affordable plan is Website Hosting, and it appears as though the service is adapted towards non-techies. For a flat monthly fee, iPage’s Website Hosting plan offers unlimited MySQL databases and domains, plus lots of disk space and bandwidth. The company do not indicate how much but state on their web site that the massive majority of their clients fall inside normal limitations, and anybody who does not is most likely using their web hosting space for something they should not be doing. The TOS says that “normal operation” of a website will be problem-free, but if you need ensures on space, iPage may not be the best choice.

In order to search deeply into the technological detail, you will require to click the ‘Features for tech Geeks’ link on the web hosting Features page. This still does not show much. From the requirements, we’d guess they offer Linux hosting, but the real word ‘Linux’ does not appear anywhere on the web page or even in their knowledge base.

Note that the renewal rates are higher. the costs they show are introductory rates.

The iPage site promises that the firm also provides shared Windows Hosting on Windows 2003 servers. Once I implemented the link, I got a 404 page, so it is likely secure to believe this has been stopped. Similarly, their VPS web hosting link took me to a 404 page, so again, it appears like they do not provide VPS hosting any more.

I additionally discover a guide to reseller hosting, but this website link got me to another hosting company, JustHost. Reseller plans do offer Cpanel. Absolutely no plans look to offer Zend Optimizer or Zen Cart.

iPage Support

Different from most other hosting companies, iPage is very open about the location of their support team. Almost all employee are situated in North America.

Even though support is for free, consumers can upgrade to Premium support for a significant fee. This speeds up resolution time, but the expenditure is worth balancing against other hosting companies.

The support centre, is available to all clients and non customers, with a variety of knowledge base articles and courses. I discover these to be on the fundamental side, even though some of the video tutorials for programs such as their file manager, Joomla and WordPress are sufficient to get you begun if you are a newbie. Web hosting customers can also use free live chat or distribute tickets through an online process.

iPage Control Panel

The control panel on iPage is a custom built application using a mix of scripts and tools to present important information. Accessibility to phpMyAdmin is available, but you will have to utilize iPage’s own control panel .

iPage Uptime or Downtime

Websites developed by iPage customers are hosted in a couple data centres in Boston, MA. Across the two facilities, they have eight hundred Dell servers. Every data centre provides round the clock security, DC power and both have identical infrastructure. Client data is mirrored across grouped servers to shield against down time, and they also operate UPS back up and have diesel generators.
Generally there are no information about uptime, and they do not claim to have an uptime guarantee. Their servers are supported up daily using NetApp Snapshot.

iPage Extras

New iPage clients are addressed to a variety of incentives, even though some of these are perhaps a standard feature of web hosting services .

  •  There is a free Security package which contains a “highly protected data centre” and malware scans.
  • The 2nd package is the Support package, which contains 24/7 phone, chat and email support, tutorials and help. This is valued at $50. 
  • There is also a Marketing package which includes $100 in Google Adwords credit, $25 in Yahoo or Bing ad credit, $50 in Facebook ad credit, a free listing on YellowPages.com, analytics software and an authentication seal. iPage values this at $300. 
  • the Design package is valued at $50 and basically covers the installation of scripts and software (blogs, galleries, ecommerce stores and website builders) plus Google Webmaster Tools. these are usually provided free with other offers.
  • In addition, anybody signing up for two or three years gets access to a free mobile site builder application, SiteDelux, complete with templates.

iPage Money Back Guarantee or Cancellation Policy

An unlimited, unrestricted money-back guarantee is certainly a rarity, but that is just what iPage offers. If you are unsatisfied, just get in touch with them to cancel your account and you will get a refund for the remaining term on your agreement via their payment system.

The refund policy is quite standard. A non-refundable domain fee of $15 will be deducted from any refunds if you obtained a domain through the host. The guarantee only applies to web hosting .

If you want assured North American technical support, iPage offer this . With no dedicated or VPS plans and readily available information of basic terms such as webmail it appears the company is centered mainly on personal, nonprofit and little business websites run by individuals with low to medium resource needs. Pricing is relatively competitive.

iPage Features.

  • Access Logs 
  • Agora Cart 
  • Auto Responders 
  • b2evolution 
  • Backups 
  • Control Panel 
  • Coppermine 
  • Custom Error Pages 
  • Drupal  
  • Email Forwarding 
  • Email Support 
  • File Manager 
  • Joomla 
  • Linux 
  • Live Chat Support 
  • Money-Back Guarantee 
  • MySQL 
  • osCommerce 
  • PayPal 
  • Perl 
  • Phone Support 
  • Gallery 
  • Guestbook 
  • Help Center Live 
  • IMAP Support 
  • Shockwave 
  • ShopSite 
  • phpBB 
  • POP3 Support 
  • Server Side Includes 
  • Shared Hosting 
  • Shared SSL 
  • Spam Filter 
  • Uptime Guarantee 
  • Webmail 
  • Website Builder 
  • WordPress 
  • Zenphoto 

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Thursday, 19 June 2014

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Top 5 value for money smartphones of 2014

Best Five Budget Smartphones of 2014

There is a lot of talk about the flagship smartphones when they are launched. They come with all the bells and whistles bringing some new features to the market. While these devices are impressive and help a brand, build its image, there is another class of devices that cause a stir when they are launched. These devices aren’t necessarily high end but they offer the best bang for the buck you can get. Mobile price in India is an important factor and this factor drives the sales for many manufacturers and devices. Here we list five devices that offer excellent value for your money and are worth every penny you spend on them.

Moto E

This is Motorola’s latest entry into the smartphone market and it caused a lot of stir when it came out. While the specs aren’t exactly stratospheric, the price tag makes it a bargain. It looks very much similar to the Moto G but a bit smaller. You get a lot of options for the back panel. It comes with an impressive 4.3 inch display that has a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels. The display isn’t termed as an IPS LCD in the spec sheet but it is just as good. It gets a dual core processor clocked at 1.2 GHz on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 chipset. It gets a decent GPU and 1 GB of RAM, which is plenty for a dual core device. It is a dual SIM device and comes with a 1980 mAh battery which is huge for the device. It gets a very average 5 megapixel camera but you can’t really ask for more at this price point. The software is close to stock and is blazingly fast. It runs the latest Android KitKat and you get all this for just 7K.

Xolo Q1100

This is quite an impressive smartphone considering the features it has to offer for the price. It has got a 5 inch semi HD display, which is pretty decent. On the processing duties, it has got a quad core processor on a Snapdragon 400 chipset. The Adreno 305 GPU is decent and it gets 1GB of RAM. While the Moto G has got similar hardware, it hasn’t got a micro SD slot. This device comes with 8 GB of internal storage and a micro SD slot. It comes with an 8 megapixel primary camera which is decent and runs almost stock Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. While it was launched with a higher price tag, now it is available for around 12K via various online retailers making it an excellent value for money.

Moto G

This is the device that redefined its segment Moto G
People were desperate to get their hands on this device when it was launched in India. We got the dual SIM version in our market with the option of 8 and 16 GB of storage. It runs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset with the quad core processor clocked at 1.2 GHz. It comes with 1 GB of RAM and runs latest android KitKat. The interface runs pretty smooth on the device and you won’t have any complaints at all with the device. The 4.5 inch 720p display is very impressive and the high pixel density makes it very crisp. The device is quite handy due to the small size and using it with one hand is really easy. The 8 GB variant is available for 12.5K and the 16 GB variant for 14K. We wouldn’t recommend the 8 GB version because you will get almost 5 GB of free storage and there is no expandable storage.

Nexus 5

Google went crazy with the Nexus devices launching them at unbelievable prices. The Nexus 4 that came out earlier was an impressive piece of hardware at a price that was too good to be true. Then came in the Nexus 5 and all of a sudden it was the new value for money benchmark. The Nexus 5 has got a very impressive 4.95 inch full HD IPS display. The display has hardly got any bezels around it and that makes the size of device pretty good to handle. It is lighter than the Nexus 4 and very slim as well. It runs a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset and comes with 2 GB of RAM. It is available with 16 and 32 GB of storage options. The 8 megapixel camera isn’t very impressive on paper, but performs very well in actual usage. The only weak point is the 2300 mAh battery which doesn’t cope up very well with the powerful hardware. The mobile price in India for the Nexus 5 is at 29K for the 16 GB variant and 33K for the 32 GB variant, but as it has been around for a while, you can find better deals at some stores.

Xperia Z1

Okay, you people must be calling us crazy for putting this device in the list but there is a very good reason. The Xperia Z1 is a sleek smartphone with front and back made of glass and an aluminium band running around it. It has got a 5 inch full HD display and is waterproof and dustproof. It runs the same hardware as Nexus 5 so it is pretty powerful as well. This device is available at a price higher than the Nexus 5 so some might say there is no way it can be here. But for that extra money, you get a better design, waterproof body, a superb 20.7 megapixel camera, bigger 3000 mAh battery and support for micro SD cards. People who like the Nexus 5 but need a bit more can go for this device and all these extra features justify the premium they are asking for. It would double up as a point and shoot camera for most people and as the device is waterproof, it is an added advantage. It is available for around 38K with most retailers.

Author : Kundan sirivastav
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Sunday, 15 June 2014

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Things to avoid in google adsense program

Google AdSense  Bad Techniques That Will Get Your adsense Blocked

Do you want to generate money with Google AdSense for contents? Click scam loses Google money, and it loses AdWords customers money.
If you do not play by the guidelines, you may get a notice, you may get suspended.
Here is a list of what never to do, unless you want to get banned. Google does not play around when it will come to click fraudulence.

1. Clicking on Your Own Ads

No matter how attractive, never ever click on your own ads. This is perhaps the easiest way to get your website suspended or banned. It is a kind of click fraud, and Google is really good at finding this, even if you believe you are hiding your tracks.
Don't let anybody who makes use of any computer system in your home click on your advertisements.

2. Don't try this things.

The first thing to stay away from being any of the Google Don'ts. Cloaking, keyword filling, and title stacking are all means to get blocked from Google searches. Whenever you place AdSense ads on your website, your website is much more visible to Google and it is much more most likely that your guideline breaking will be noticed. They are also means to get blocked from AdSense.

3. Hiding Your Ads by some bad techniques.

It may be tempting to hide your ads by making them the same color as your background . You do still get paid for pageviews, so hidden ads would still pay, This violates Google's Terms of Service, and it is easy to get found.
Try to make the ads look like they belong on your Don't stuff your ads far below the rest of the content.
Clicks pay better than pageviews, so it's to your advantage to have your ads prominent

4. Changing the Code

AdSense produces javascript code which you can copy paste right into the HTML of your website page. If you need to change the color or size of your ads, create new code from Google adsense.
If you put AdSense in Blogger, Google will create the code for you from within Blogger. Don't make modifications to the code of your Web page, modifying program or modify it by hand.

5. Asking  for Clicks

Do not hold ad click contests, ask, or even give big advice that people should click on your ads. They can ban you if they find you begging for clicks anywhere on the net, such as pages that are completely not related to your AdSense pages.It is good to have contests on your Web site that are not related to ad clicking or other rule breaking.Google also forbids marking your ads with language stronger than "sponsored links." This is really for everyone's advantage.

6. Useing Robots to Click on Your Website

By no means use any kind of computerized tool to increase your page views or click on your ads. This is click fraud of the highest order, and Google is very advanced at finding this. This is a technique that can easily get you banned.Similarly, don't use human powered schemes to pay for clicks. No exchanging clicks with other AdSense users, and no pay for clicking schemes. If advertisers wanted to pay people for clicking, they would have signed up for it themselves.

7. Telling People How Much You Earn Per Click

Google is very picky about how much you reveal about how Google adsense functions. They do not let you tell people how much you were paid per keyword, considering this could endanger revenue from AdWords advertisers. Be careful of anyone who offers to sell you this important information.

8. Holding Contents About restricted Topics

Google has a strict list of content guidelines, and they don't allow AdSense on web pages which are violating them. These include websites that promote or sell:
•   Alcohol
•   tobacco
•   certain weapons
•   drugs
•   firearms

This is a stupid rule to violate, because AdSense is keyword generated, so it is incredibly easy for you to get found. If you do have content that violates these rules, they may be genuine websites, but Google adsense is not for you.

9. Making Pages Especially to Display Ads

Google says you cannot make web pages simply to place ads.Many Web sites, including About.com, make money from ads. Google itself makes most of its money from advertising.
When you create your website, your first thought should be about generating content, not ads. Avoid writing empty sentences for the sake of creating keywords, and eliminate lengthy copy pastes just to make more web pages.

10. Cheating in Any Way

Google adsense is continuously changing to find new means to detect click fraud, and ultimately you will be caught.
The best way to produce income through Google adsense is to make good content that is well optimized for search engines and to market your website through genuine channels.

Thanks for reading, hope you like this post. Please share your views with us.

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Friday, 13 June 2014

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Best Video Players Available for Android Smartphones and Tablets

Top Three Video Players Available For Android Devices.

Android mobile phones and tablets have evolved as one of the most favored entertainment and leisure devices.  Although all tablet and smartphone companies provide a stock video player that comes preinstalled in the system, people are free to download the best players available in the android Play store. The large screen of this handheld gadgets is one of the reasons why people use it to watch movies and other videos. Additionally, the Android app store provides a variety of video players that enhance the overall movie viewing experience.

These are Some of the latest Android video players provide extraordinary features that make them so popular among tablet and smartphone users:

1. MX Player

MxPlayer comes first on my list. This particular video player is definitely the most popular and versatile player in the market. Apart from enhancing the video quality through advanced codecs, MX Player offers additional services such as child lock etc. The child lock feature lets you restrict access to other applications and facilities on your phone while you allow someone to watch a video on the device. In addition to that, the player enables transitioning between the hardware and the software decoder, which allows the user to use the device or the player to perform the decoding of the file format.

2. VLC Media Player

Next is VLC player. VLC is very popular among personal computer and laptop users and is known to handle all kinds of video formats. Although the complete version is yet to find a launch date, and despite the risks of running a beta version, several users have started using it as their default player. This is because the beta version already has the features that people currently enjoy in the desktop version. Video playback is flawless even at higher resolutions, while the music player is the simplest yet extremely impressive among other options on the Play store.

3. Google Play Movies

Google Play Movies video player developed by Google only plays movies directly streamed from the Google Play's movie section. Android Users can either purchase a digital copy of the movie or rent it for a couple of days. The list of movies in Google's database is huge, and the online streaming is highly optimized for a wonderful display on even the cheapest Android devices.

Apart from the above video players, there are a number of other video playback applications such as RealPlayer, QQplayer and the VPlayer etc. Most of these applications can be downloaded for free, which is another reason why the sales volume of Android smartphones and  tablets has increased over the years.
Thanks for reading this post :). I hope you liked this article. Please free free to share your views and queries with us.
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How to Recover your website From Google Panda Penalty

What is google panda effect?

Google Panda is now a leading part of Google's search algorithm and you must put in sufficient efforts to get fruitful results.  we all know that Google introduced Google Panda to target on page quality of a website  or blog, so if you want to save your website from this Google Panda then you will need to improve on web page structure of your website. It is hard to diagnose that why a website or blog is losing its traffic and ranking in search engines, but one can get their website visitors back with the help of a website audit.

So why don't have a look on what we can do to recover it from Google Panda effect.

Content Quality

Content quality is a  most common issue which encourages panda to penalize a website. A fewer pages with low quality content can easily spoil overall ranking of a website. Various kinds of content quality problems are listed below for reference.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is strictly prohibited in search engines (SERP). If your website is not doing well or losing its traffic on continuous basis then you will need to check your content for duplicate content issues. If you find any duplicate content on your website then quickly change it. One can also ask Google to re-crawl your website through your webmaster account.

Low Quality Content

The very 1st factor which enables panda to penalize a website is low quality content. Low quality content means that it has lots of grammatical and spelling mistakes which in turn create issues for your website visitors to understand the subject you are explaining and user may perhaps close your website without reading the full post.

Posts with less information

Uninformative content may harm the reputation of a website in the eyes of search engines as well as in the eyes of your visitors. No one will like to read your post if it is not offering them full information about the topic. So try to offer full information together with images and videos.

Take Care Of On Page SEO

After content you need to optimize your website for On Page SEO errors.
These are some to look at while dealing with On Page SEO errors.

Heading Tags

Headings are very significant for any website or Blog. You can use upto six headings on a single webpage. Webmasters use heading tags to make their site SEO friendly.

Meta Tags

We have many places to improve at our website to make it look better in the eyes of search engines like Title, Description and Keyword Tags. 1st of all you need to check duplicate Title and Description Tags and if you find one then you need to change it immediately. After that you can make them SEO friendly by placing relevant keywords in them.

And Other Tags

Image Alt (includes alt and title tag) and Link Title are two more tags where you can put your keywords to increase keyword density.

So these are some of points you should keep in mind to recover your website or blog from Google Panda effect.

Thanks for reading this post :). I hope you liked the article. Please free free to share your views and queries with us.
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Thursday, 12 June 2014

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Points to Consider While Purchasing Mobile Applications.

Five Things to Consider While Purchasing Mobile Applications.

Purchasing smartphone applications has come to be really an attentive matter owing to multifarious alternatives available in the world of mobile application.  For customers, they prefer spending money on the technology that could be of their maximum help in their particular operational fields or  make up for their amusement. Companies into this business carry out a detailed market research to subsequently develop effective applications that could attract masses and let their cash registers ringing in the long run.

This article focuses on five important points that you may consider while buying one or more of such mobile applications:

1. Overall performance

 The program should be able to do the expected jobs in a fulfilling manner, without problems. If while making use of a beta version, any application stop to function correctly and slows down your phone instead, there is no point of purchasing it. No matter which application you purchase from whichever application store, efficiency holds the key to its success on your smartphone.. In contrast, applications with clinical performance and the ones that guarantee much better productivity are definitely the best ones to spend your money in.

2. Crashes while working

 While attempting to touch the icon of an application in order to use it, you may get a strange message, 'app is not installed'. Similarly, there may take place some unexpected crashes in the middle of its usage. It tempts you to part ways with the application automatically. For this reason it is better not to purchase such crash vulnerable applications. One  should first use a test version  to uncover the crash flaw.

3. Speed of application

 For gaming applications or those in need of need real time information, speed is the greatest thing that matters. Therefore if you are making use of an application that helps you perform financial transaction, check the current flight booking status or you are playing a fast game  etc., make sure that it is quick enough.

4. Graphics(GPU)

 Attractive user interface holds the key to success of a mobile application to a great level.App Developers in today's world simply put out all his or her expertise to come up with some really good designs and their exciting graphical depiction. In all types of application like business or a game application,  a good UI design matters a lot.

5. Response

 A most common factor for liking or disliking an application is its responsive quality. If it is able to respond perfectly to touch, or gestures then it is good for purchasing, otherwise there is always a better choice available in the market. 
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