How to set up XAMPP server?

Setting up and using XAMPP
XAMPP stands for X-Cross, A-Apache, M-MySQL, P-PHP and P-Perl. XAMPP can be run on Windows, Linux, Mac that is, it is cross platform. It is used for creating a web server on your local machine. It is easy to setup and requires minimum configuration changes. It comes along with phpMyAdmin, so […]

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How to use old smartphone as webcam?

Some people asks as to why one would choose using his cellphone as a web cam?

There are a lot of reasons to why to use Smartphone as webcam:

Turning an old Android phone into a webcam-many people are nowadays trading their old smartphones for new. The huge question is usually, what to do with the old […]

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Five simple steps to build a website with ease

How to Build a Website in five simple steps

These are some simple steps to build a website :
Step 1-First decide Purpose of your web site
Kind of website: Most websites are blogging and services type like news or information, e-commerce websites etc. They each have a different niche amd purpose.
Building a web site is easy but […]

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My Experience in Firefox Student Ambassador Program

Hi! I am Vikash Kumar, a mozillian and now a “Firefox Student Ambassador”. I got to know about the Firefox Student Ambassador program few months ago and got registered for it. Recently When the complete program was restructured as the first four activities of  the FSA (Firefox Student Ambassadors), I started collecting information about the program and […]

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All information about ipage Web Hosting.

Introduction To iPage and ipage Features.
iPage Introduction
iPage is a web hosting firm that specializes in shared hosting plans. iPage prides itself on being flexible and easy to use web hosting provider. They offer a variety of freebies and bonuses on sign-up, and an uncommon Anytime money back guarantee. Each of these appear to be their professional area, along […]

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Top 5 value for money smartphones of 2014

Best Five Budget Smartphones of 2014

There is a lot of talk about the flagship smartphones when they are launched. They come with all the bells and whistles bringing some new features to the market. While these devices are impressive and help a brand, build its image, there is another class of devices that cause a […]

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Things to avoid in google adsense advertisement program

Google AdSense  Bad Techniques That Will Get Your account Blocked
Do you want to generate money with Google AdSense for contents of blog or website? Some Click scam loses Google money, and it loses AdWords customers money too.
If you do not play by the guidelines, you may get a notice, you may get suspended.
Here is a list of […]

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How to Recover your website From Google Panda Penalty

What is google panda effect and its penalty?
Google Panda is now a leading part of Google’s search algorithm and you must put in sufficient efforts to get fruitful results.  we all know that Google introduced Google Panda to target on page quality of a website  or blog, so if you want to save your website […]

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Best Top Three Video Players for Android Available in Market

Top Three Video Players For Android Devices.

Android mobile phones and tablets have evolved as one of the most favored entertainment and leisure devices.  Although all tablet and smartphone companies provide a stock video player that comes preinstalled in the system, people are free to download the best players available in the android Play store. The […]

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