How do I get traffic, subscribers, followers, without paying for ads?


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Mar 17, 2019

I can't afford to buy ads, boost posts, pay for fancy services or tools, etc. Don't have much money, and don't yet have a product to sell or way to make money back (no ROI possible from expenses...yet)


Without spending money, what would be the 2-4 most effective and impactful actions / tactics I could do (which are "up to date" with 2018) that just take elbow grease, to get more traction, more followers, more newsletter subscribers, more traffic to my website, etc.?

I think my priority goals right now are quality website traffic, and YouTube subscribers.


Trying to build my passion eventually into a business
Doing Facebook / Twitter / Instagram daily for 6 months, intermittently 6 months prior to that
Have a new blog/website with some good content and trying to keep it going each week
Youtube channel about 20 videos so far, trying to start uploading 1 per week if possible

Have an email list with free lead magnet that I'm offering in all social posts and on my website everywhere, have about 900 subscribers

Social media is killing me, particularly the facebook page changes that have cut me off from my audience, not that I had much going on there anyway (only 500 Page Likes and low engagement)

Just started adding affiliate links into my content to at least try and make a little money to re-invest back into things but I know it will take lots of validated traffic to happen.

In general, having trouble getting traction, followers, growth, traffic to site, subscribers, etc.

Thank you

Maria Rabe

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Mar 19, 2019
Facebook Automation tools to post your ads. This is very saturated though, your best bet is to go with paid traffic. Everything else is a waste of time usually, long-term.

I have tried these 3 ad platforms, Facebook ads do not give me great results, the traffic I get from ads is not enough targeted compared to search engine advertising.
Based on my experience Bing and Google Adwords are good choices for getting targeted traffic.
However, Google Adwords can give me more traffic than Bing but the price is also more expensive and ROI is not good enough. So I only use Bing Ads now, even though the traffic is low but this is highly targeted. It's all about quality, not quantity.


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Aug 26, 2019
If you do not want to spend so much money on paid ads on the internet then the search engine optimization will be the best method. You can get the results for absolutely free if you can run the campaigns on your own. But generally a lot of skills are needed for that and that’s why I have hired the professional service from seo company. They just provide very affordable services.