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Mar 17, 2019
Please see the following guides to our community:

These will be updated when necessary.
  1. General
    1. You are only permitted one account per person.
    2. Username changes are not permitted.
    3. Do not harass, personally attack, blackmail, spam or bully buyers and/or other Techiterian Forum members.
    4. The selling of accounts is prohibited
    5. Shameless self promotion such as 'see my sig' or 'pm me for more details' is prohibited.
    6. In line links are allowed and even encouraged as long as they are not selling anything and expand specifically on the concept being discussed. Marketplace listings are of course exempt from this rule.
    7. If you have a problem with anyone, take it up with them privately. No naming or shaming here since there are two sides to every story.
  2. Contributing to the Forum
    1. Excessive use of capitalization, special characters, colours or font/image size will result in deletion/editing by an admin of the title and/or body of the post.
    2. We retain the right to move threads to more suitable sub forums where applicable.
    3. Posting must add value to the relevant discussion. To thank someone for a contribution use the ‘thanks’ button or upvote the discussion.
      [*[ Posts should have original content. Discussing content found in other sites on the internet is fine, but the entire article/post need not be pasted as the post body - a link and submission statement is enough.
    4. Excessive consecutive posts in a single thread by the same author may be merged into one post.
  3. Signatures
    1. Excessive use of capitalization and/or special characters will result in deletion/editing by an admin. If you want to be safe don't use any, however, If it's done tastefully we won't mind. Tastefulness is subjective and up to our discretion.
    2. Sig files may only be written in the normal standard font size.
    3. Sig file text may only be black.
    4. You may bold or italicize it.
    5. Maximum length of sig file is 2 lines which includes any blank lines used for spaces. This excludes an image.
    6. Your signature cannot link to any of the blacklisted content types as detailed in Rule 4.10 below.
  4. Conflict Resolution
    1. If an accused or suspect fraudulent review is posted an example proof of purchase may be required by the sellers and the buyer. Upon match a course of action will be decided. Any attempt gaming this by either party will result in a permanent ban.
    2. If a guarantee is offered and not honoured within a reasonable time this will result in a permanent ban.
Violation of any of these rules by a user can result in a warning up to permanent account suspension. The course of action will depend upon the severity of the situation, the nature of the violation and past behaviour.

If a spammer comes on board it only takes few of you to make his posts vanish into thin air. Just use that Report Post button. Their posts will go into "Moderated" status and no one will see them. It gives admins and super mods time enough to come along and delete them for good.

Working together and taking the time out to use that button makes it very easy for members to keep this forum clean.

Help us out when you can...

A couple explanations about the two reporting option:

The Report Post Button:

The report post button is for serious issues like a spammer invading us. When you see a spam post use the report post button on those.