Online Market Research

What is Market Research

According to the American Marketing Association, Marketing Research is the methodical gathering, recording, and analyzing of data about problems relating to the marketing of goods and services. Market Research is essential before starting any business, as much as it is, before launching a new product or even improving upon an existing one. The process of marketing research has to be methodical and carried out in stages for it to work effectively.

Why Market Research?

Research shows that almost 70% of all new businesses fail due to insufficient market research or no research at all. It is simply impossible to sell products or services that customers do not want. To know what clients want and how to present it nicely drives the need for market research.

The Need

  • Marketing research focuses and organizes marketing information.
  • Spot existing & expected market problems
  • Identify new strategies & opportunities for sales
  • It ensures the timely accessibility of such information and permits organizations to Reduce business risks
  • It can tell you if your products and services are targeted at the right people and, if they are, it can tell you more about them so that you can market to them in a better way.
  • Research can also help greatly to check if the business is working, in terms of customer satisfaction, their expectations and also with respect to competition.
  • Market research can provide critical info about the requirements, wants & preferences, the purchasing habits and views of current & prospective customers.

Online Studies

Online researches have a quick turnaround time and are very cost effective.
C-Level officers
Real Estate Agents
B2B and Many more

Types of online panel:

B2C panel : With the idea of panel bending, we have the ability to provide hard to reach target group sample, as well as low incidence rate respondents across 60 countries. We are confident in meeting our deadline with efficient usage of multiple resources, and our primary focus is always the best sample quality with the application of best technologies in online sampling.

a) Travel Panel g) Entertainment Panel
b) Mobile Panel h) Pet Owners Panel
c) Teens Panel
d) Moms Panel j) Automobile Panel
e) Shoppers Panel
f) Gamers Panel and more

B2B panel: with CinchMR you have the access of a million global B2B panelists. Whether you are looking to conduct B2B research on IT professionals, software developers, marketing professionals, C-level executives, or business owners, We have the experience to conduct surveys on the following target groups:

a) IT Decision Makers
b) Small Business Owners etc.
c) Software Developers
d) Business Decision Makers

Our major role for your online market research:

CinchMR(CDS Pvt. Ltd.) has a strong online panel presence in the 60 Countries and has expertise and ability in providing fast, accurate and reasonably priced online sample services for its customers globally. We have made strategic tie up with all major online panel companies to provide high quality sample at very competitive price.
CinchMR(CDS Pvt. Ltd.) aim is to make sure that all the quality & pricing variables required by our clients are met in their committed time frame. Our team members can operate on an international level projects both as a supplier as well as buyer.

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