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Online panel research is quick that means it does not hold up your strategy execution. Second, it is extremely simple to get in touch with potential respondents in terms of resources and time . Third CMR still manages to achieve unmatched quality data for further research. Lastly, cost value proposition is one of the key returns of CMR.


Using CMR panels and services can enhance decision making competency of an establishment by running cost effective awareness studies and impact studies. Different types of the research works can easily be conducted online, including customer satisfaction surveys, ad research, equity studies, brand name evaluation, brand positioning, and competitive analysis, etc.

There are a number of benefits of using online market research, including:

Targeted Respondents

Easier to target respondents across numerous segmentation variables. CMR panels provides access to extremely robust sample supply that ensures reliable data on sensitive issues.

Broader Reach

Best Price : Economical and affordable


Internet allows creating complete digitalization of survey instrument along with eliminating the risk of human inaccuracy. No more interviewer bias, everyone starts out the same questions delivered the same mode.

Rapid Turnaround

The results could be received within a few days as opposed to several weeks involved with personal, telephone or postal data collection methods.

Versatile Multimedia Advantage

The use of video, images, and audio for richer questionnaire environments facilitates presenting stimuli material (useful for ads, pack, logo testing etc.).
Advanced questionaire preparation tools have made this things extremely easy days.

Respondents’ Convenience

Online surveys are taken at a convenient time for the respondent. Further, target respondents can take their surveys during their convenience work schedules and work stations. Panelist answers the survey according to their own time conveniance.

Best Data Quality

Data quality is unmatched due to best panel recruitment policy for survey respondants or panelists . They can choose to respond at time and place convenient to them.

Privacy / Confidentiality

Respondents feel more secure in providing sensitive information as their privacy and anonymity is guaranteed. Privacy protection is our top most pririty, our internet security and encryption technology protect panelist data.

Non-Intrusive Approach

Unlike personal and phone surveys, online study is a non-interruption surveying method. Panelist receives an e-mail notification for an online survey, after they have registered to such notifications on thier respective panels.

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