Online Survey Panel Services

Online Panel Services (Get Survey Respondents)

CinchMR(Cinch Data Solutions) is a small-scale but critical player in the market research industry providing services with proprietary online panels in the USA, UK, India and 9 more countries. We at CinchMR, are fully commited to offering outstanding customer services.

With more than 50,000 proprietary panelists and access to 15 million more through our alliances, we thoroughly ensure every clients needs are fulfilled.

CinchMR(Cinch Data Solutions) specializes in building highly targeted consumer panels that help customers evaluate product success, evaluate consumer perception, and create revenue generation programs.

CinchMR makes it incredibly easy to find even the most hard-to-reach survey respondents.


Moms, single men and women, college students, 18 to 35-year-old working professionals etc. – whomever you need to target, we can find them. Our advanced sampling techniques enable us to deliver every type of survey respondent from the simplest to the hardest-to-reach consumer audiences.

CinchMR(CDS Pvt. Ltd.) aim is to make sure that all the quality & pricing variables required by our clients are met in their committed time frame. Our team members can operate on an international level projects both as a supplier as well as buyer.

B2C panel :

With the idea of panel bending, we have the ability to provide hard to reach target group sample, as well as low incidence rate respondents across 60 countries. We are confident in meeting our deadline with efficient usage of multiple resources, and our primary focus is always the best sample quality with the application of best technologies in online sampling.

a) Travel Panel

b) Mobile Panel

c) Teens Panel

d) Moms Panel

e) Shoppers Panel

f) Gamers Panel and more

g) Entertainment Panel

h) Pet Owners Panel

j) Automobile Panel

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