SMMailer Automate Your Email Marketing

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Feature Highlights


SMMailer Automate Your Email Marketing

Complete lists & subscribers management

Manage lists & subscribers easily with Techiterian's SMMailer:

  • Mass import subscribers from Excel or CSV

  • Single/double opt-in support

  • Custom subscribe/unsubscribe confirmation page

  • Autoresponder for subscriber welcome/goodbye emails

  • List segmentation support

Delivery tracking & statistics reporting

Track delivery of every single email sent out from SMMailer. You can always find out whether or not your emails reach subscribers’ inbox. Opens / clicks / bounces / complaints are automatically recorded and are visualized using interactive charts & data table. SMMailer’s different types of report give you lots of valuable information to help you improve your campaigns going forward.

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Easy integration with SMTP or 3rd services

SMMailer can be configured to send email directly from your own SMTP server so that you can now get away from expensive email services like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, etc. Install SMMailer on your server and you have control over the whole system from front-end web to the sendmail backend. You have unlimited access to any functionality.

SMMailer also comes with built-in support for sending email from 3rd service providers like Amazon SES, SendGrid, Mailgun, ElasticEmail, SparkPost or any SMTP service provider.

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Automation & Auto-responder features allow you to automatically or conditionally send email campaigns to your list or individuals in response to several types of events:

  • List subscription
  • List unsubscription
  • Subscriber’s birthday
  • Subscriber’s custom criteria. i.e. quota exceeding, balance falling below minimum, package plan expiration, etc.
  • More…

You can also configure the application to automatically follow up an email when it is opened / clicked by the recipient. Just setup your Automation/Auto-responder once and have emails automatically sent for you.

Quick & easy RESTful API

SMMailer provides RESTful API which is based on simple HTTP POST/GET requests. We make it easy and quick to integrate SMMailer sending capability with your own websites or applications. Our API lets you add / import contacts from other applications so that you can keep your mail list synchronized and up-to-date.

API docs

Advanced email template builder

SMMailer Mail comes with an advanced Email Template Builder as well as dozens of pre-built email templates/layouts for you to start on

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Email verification

Email verification will ensure that your email list is clean and duly validated which helps reduce bounce back and protect your sending reputation. Using SMMailer Mail, you can verify your mail lists by connecting to 3rd party services like, Once verified, your email addresses will be tagged with appropriate status of “Deliverable”, “Undeliverable”, “Risky”. You will enjoy peace of mind because you are only sending emails to the real users with real mailboxes.

Embed subscription form to your own website

We support embedding subscription form to collect subscribers for your campaign. That is, after creating a mailing list, you can design and customize the subscription sign-up form for the list and embed it on your own website, your own brand and look-and-feel.

Mass newsletters sending made easy!

SMMailer supports multi-threading so that you can send millions of email everyday. SMMailer also supports auto scheduling your email campaigns.

Powerful language & translation support

SMMailer comes with complete support for internationalization and localization. You can choose the preferred language for your application. We make it easy that you can also create your own language and edit any text appearing on the website to make it your own brand!

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