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Millions of survey respondents in over 60 countries

CinchMR gives you access to the opinions and insights of over 15 million qualified respondents all over the world. You can access any target audience group instantly through the integrated Survey Panels and tools.

CinchMR makes it incredibly easy to find even the most hard-to-reach survey respondents.


Moms, single men and women, college students, 18 to 35-year-old working professionals etc. – whomever you need to target, we can find them. Our advanced sampling techniques enable us to deliver every type of survey respondent from the simplest to the hardest-to-reach consumer audiences.

We evaluate your questionnaire and host your survey in our online survey platform. Survey invitations can be sent using cinchbucks.com email invitation system to our cinchbucks.com consumer panelists, or email invitations can be sent to your panelists or email list. CinchMR(cinchbucks.com) supplies clients with a unique secure hosted online survey link (URL) to use with the client’s own email invitations and confidential email addresses in their system. Cinchbucks.com (CDS Pvt. Ltd.) can also send our survey panel members to participate in a customer survey hosted on customer’s servers.

Our Services:

We host the online questionnaire/survey for specified time or number of completed surveys.
We send email invites to your questionnaire.
We collect the respondent data (data collection).
We provide security(SSL layer and Encryption).
Distributing survey invites and links to any number of people via a wide range of options
Capturing opinions from any number of people via a wide range of mediums
Reporting on the data in numerous insightful methods

If you would like more information from one of our friendly team members then please call us on 08237927364 or send us an email – info@techiterian.com