Infor ERP Consulting and Implementations

Infor ERP Consulting and Implementations

Our ERP implementation consultants are professionals at aligning your ERP system's deployment with your organization's goals, ensuring that your objectives are reached and your system's ROI is good. Our team has firsthand experience in a variety of industries, with hundreds of successful deployments under their belts. Allow us to assist you in keeping your team on track, your project on schedule, and your budget on track.

Implementation Methodology

CDS's ERP installation technique is a tried-and-true strategy to achieve measurable results and targeted outcomes. We are focused on creating business value rather than simply "installing" a new technology at the core of our strategy. Our ERP specialists will work with you to fully comprehend your company's goals and objectives, then build implementation plans to make them a reality. Our approach was created in accordance with PMI best practises, and it carefully integrates our consulting skills with a leading set of project management standards.

Our methodology is also adaptable to a wide range of project types. We are routinely inspected.

Our methodology is also adaptable to a wide range of project types. The following are some of the types of engagements in which we are frequently involved:

Implementations with Full-Service Support

From the earliest project planning phase until your go-live operations, CDS and the customer collaborate closely. Our ERP consultants will be in charge of designing the implementation plan, installing your software, giving training and best practise counselling, assisting with data conversion, and project management. Your team and ours are working together very closely on this project.

Customer-Directed Implementations

Companies with in-house knowledge may choose to take charge of their own deployment. We are delighted to assist your team on this project and will offer the services you require when you require them.

Implementations that are easy to get started with

We provide a one-of-a-kind and cost-effective solution for small businesses to get their system up and operating and producing a profit. CDS will give you a pre-configured database and train your team on a set of best practises so you can start using your Infor ERP system in weeks, not months.

Are You a Current SyteLine or CloudSuite ERP User?

CDS can assist with system upgrades, process improvement projects, and more.

5 Steps To a Successful ERP Implementation

Perform a Needs Assessment:

Evaluating your current business processes and identifying key performance indicators are a critical first step in any ERP project.

Build a Requirements List:

Most ERP systems can maintain inventories, invoice customers, and make product purchases. Make a list of needs that prioritises the issues that are most important to you, as well as those that you believe are unique to your organisation or sector. Make sure executives, managers, and others from each functional area are involved. Some ERP consultants have predefined lists of needs from which to choose, but keep in mind that a lengthy list of requirements isn't always a better list!

Choose the right ERP system:

The procedure includes researching ERP systems, scheduling demos, and negotiating with vendors. Do you require assistance? Work with an ERP selection specialist who can guide you through the process and help you swiftly narrow down your list of potential ERP options.

Work with ERP Implementation Experts:

Once you've decided on an ERP system, make sure you deal with an ERP implementation expert who is familiar with the system. Inquire about recommendations!

Next Steps: ERP adoption is a long-term endeavour. You must constantly assess if the system is achieving your needs and goals, install new features as the programme or your organisation evolves, and provide training opportunities for new and existing personnel.

Ensure that your ERP implementation is completed on time and on budget.


Control Customizations: You will almost certainly need to customise reports or forms to meet your specific requirements. If you ask users to justify each customisation request and then spend time examining those requests, you'll end up with a more standard system that can be maintained and improved more readily.

Be adaptable: You'll need to keep an eye on the project's goals in proportion to the amount of time and money you're investing. If necessary, be willing to push back the go-live date or minimise the capabilities you'll be launching.

Set Expectations for Time Commitment: Make sure you set expectations for all project team members' time commitment early and often. Managers and executives must lead by example, emphasising that ERP installation is a critical component of every team member's role.